BIA Song Lyrics

Harlem Lyrics

Singer: BIA

Album: BIA Other Songs

Harlem Lyrics

[*phone ringing*]
What's gucci bro? I just landed
Alright. everything, everything?
You know that, I'm about to get with him right now
Open him up
Just make sure you get him together, say less
Oh you already!

Look I was uptown Harlem, one crazy night
Caught a cabbi off a crazy flight
So I calls Dave East like
"Pa what's your favorite price?
My perico come in, A-1 white
So how you feel?"
He said, "damn if that price is good
Then that's a steal
Plus I like it that you hood
And you classy just like Amil"
Okay I'll bust it all down
And get the vacuum seal
Make sure you leav'in 'bout a hour
'Cause the traffic's real
Now I'm driv'in down
1-2-5 in a Benzo
I came from the home town
Of niggas in the end zone
Everybody eat'in with me
Got they own utensils
'Cause everybody eat'in on my team
Is essential

[Dave East:]
Harlem River drive'in a rental
Diesel always on, I stay on point
No time for being sentimental
I wave a 40 out the window
Skip town play Philly, hit temple
Mami said her name Perico
I'm try'in to meet her father
She had a mink coat
Told me she like the deep throat
I do the custom shit that you can't find
Ruger slid right in her pants line
The type that'll get your man ly'in
Mine take it by the bundle
Like an Al-Qaeda
More shells an hour later
For niggas did wild favors
Now I'm major only catch me in latest
She been begg'in me to taste it
On a diet, I ain't ly'in
Only moola in my repertoire
Models in a Lexus car
Begg'in me to shot up the club
Won't let my weapon off
Remind me of Amil in them Roc-a-fella days
They don't sign me for a mill
Then I'm back to sell'in haze

Song Lyrics (Harlem Lyrics)

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