Xavier Omär Song Lyrics

Shine Lyrics (Moments Spent Loving You)

Singer: Xavier Omär

Album: Moments Spent Loving You

Shine Lyrics (Moments Spent Loving You)

Got a whole lot of diamonds, got a whole lot of rubies
They just ain't on me, they just ain't on me
Got a whole lot of gold, crazy crystal stones
They just ain't on me, bae just lay on me, now I shine

Flicker through the night
When I hold your hand, it's like I'm glitter to the light (Yeah)
I just think it's fundamental that I treat you right
Got you front and center tellin' niggas that you mine, yeah
And I'm yours
Lookin' for a place and we pickin' out the floors
You deserve it all, got me buyin' out the florist
On my way to you, tell the Uber driver, "Floor it", yeah
Yeah, watch my speed
Girl, I pull up to you like The Flash (Flash)
Cameras, they don't even need the flash (Shining)
It's like a shift whenever you in the midst
All of that shootin' I missed until I swished
Now you got a ring on that fist
Now you walk mean with that twist
Know you that chick
It's the middle of the night in candlelight
And you're windowside as I arrive
And you know I, I sacrifice for you

Lookin' at you, 'dat why I shine
Look at the smile on your face, 'dat why I shine
Lookin' at you, 'dat why I shine
Look at that smile on your face, 'dat why I shine (Foggioto)

Hm, any nigga, any nigga blessing it, oh, and she find out that young nigga crazy, ooh
And I had went Cali side, I grew my hair out like that young nigga Swayze, ooh
Then I had started directin', my lil' baby plays like I'm Martin Scorsese, ooh
And I had put my lil' chain on that baddest lil' thing like my nickname Jay-Z, ooh
Hm, I'ma say somethin', it's okay, look
I'ma stay quiet, it's okay
First off, I put two ones on my back, then I run through that sack like Don Julio, ayy
Say now, I put them jewels on my only
She said that I won't but I do it, though, ayy
Okay, boo, what's your language?
What's your sign, what's your sandwich?

Girl, what's your thing? I see your scene
Royalty just like a Mercury
Baby, like Freddie, I do, you know that's true
Ain't got no time for the perjury
Mm, I want you, baby, that's certainly
Come to the crib, see how I live
You gotta slide, slide in my life, gotta see where I hide
Down for a nigga like Bonnie and Clyde
Pull up into to your heart I got the code
That's right, oh, I
All white GLC coupe look like it snowed, snow white
Won't catch me slippin' up, I'm on my toes
Got me singin', singin'

Lookin' at you, 'dat why I shine
Look at the smile on your face, 'dat why I shine
Lookin' at you, 'dat why I shine
Look at that smile on your face, 'dat why I shine

You make me shine, love, ooh
You make me shine, love, ooh

Song Lyrics (Shine Lyrics (Moments Spent Loving You))

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